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Levy Oliveira (1993), born in Congonhas (Brazil), dedicates himself to musical composition since 2010. His music is being played frequently in Brazilian and international festivals (click here for detailed list) and it has also been awarded in competitions in Brazil and abroad. In his creative work, the composer aims to understand how the listeners reacts to music and what are their expectations to posteriorly confirm or deny it. The use of electronics sounds has been constant in his work because of the wide and expressive array of timbral and spatial possibilities provided by this media. Nonetheless, he has composed for different instrumentations that goes from acousmatic pieces to solo instrument, chamber and orchestral music (see works).

His music is inspired by different sources. Among them, the most prominent are literature (see Labirinto de AstérionReminiscências and Resilio), places and landscapes (see Golden Aspen) and different musical styles (see Rock On).

His main teacher was the Portuguese composer João Pedro Oliveira. Furthermore, he also studied with Paul Rudy, Rogério Vasconcellos, Oiliam Lanna e Scott McAllister. His music has been performed by the flutist Rodrigo Frade and Kelley Barnett (Ensemble Mise-en); the pianists Keith Kirchoff and Ana Cláudia Assis; the Ensembles Ateliê Coletivo and Project C4; and the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra. In the end of 2019, he worked as composer in residence at University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) supported by CAPES.

"Young composer from Minas Gerais that has been achieving international recognition"

                                                              Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra

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