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Rock on

for flute, alto sax, drums, electric guitar, piano and electronics (stereo and 6 channels)

Duration: ca. 7 minutes 


Recording not available.


Score will be available soon.

For performance material, contact the composer at

Program Notes:

ROCK ON was inspired by the music of 60’s and 70’s Rock bands. The traditional rock harmonies (heavily based in power chords and blues scales) and its repetitive rhythmic and melodic patterns are exaggerated and inserted in a new context. The piece takes advantage of Rock's cliched patterns to create expectancies in the listeners. These expectancies are in some circumstances fulfilled, but, most of the times, it move towards rhythmic irregularity and dissonant contexts. Those surprising moments are enhanced by the use of electronic sounds. The piece was composed for Project C4 during a 6 months residency program at University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC), funded by the Brazilian Federal Foundation for Support of Graduate Education (CAPES).

Performance History:


  • 14/03/2020: EMCC - Performer: Project C4 – Capsule, Kansas City, United States.


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