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for flute (piccolo), Bb Clarinet, percussion (vibrafone e glockenspiel), violin and cello

Duration: ca. 7 minutes 

Recording not available.


For performance material, contact the composer at

Program Notes:

The piece is composed for 5 performers (flute - piccolo, Bb Clarinet, percussion - vibraphone and glockenspiel, violin and cello. Often, the Bb clarinet plays almost as a soloist. The piece was inspired by a poem entitled A ideia, written by the Brazilian poet Augusto dos Anjos. According to him, our ideas endure through a hard process of cognition to be created and often it is interrupted by the weakness of our tongue, that is not capable to express its content. From this principle, the piece also suggests something that is trying to move forward but it is always somehow interrupted. 


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