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for flute, classical guitar and electronics (stereo)
Duration: 8 minutes and 10 seconds


Recording not available.


Score will be available soon.

For performance material, contact the composer at

Program Notes:

Composed in 2021, Arapuca is for flute, acoustic guitar, cello and electronics. The piece was inspired by the chant of a Sabiá. The bird would sing every day nearby the apartment I live in Belo Horizonte. The rhythmic relations of his chant are (in my opinion) rich and interesting, therefore, I decided to record it and transcribe it. In this transcription, I aimed not only to transcribe the rhythmic relations of the chant but also – to some extent – its melodic contours. Some of its main features (melodic contours, glissandi etc.) are transmitted to the flute melody, although it is not an actual note by note transcription.

Performance History:


  • 13/06/2023: Série Música na UFES – VIX Ensemble – Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Vitória, Brasil. 

  • 24/06/2023: Série MAES Tons – VIX Ensemble – Museu de Artes do Espírito Santo, Vitória, Brasil. 


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